• BMW Z2 Roadster rendering

    We’ve been reporting on news that BMW is planning to launch a new compact roadster model positioned below its current Z4 since as far back as 2006. Now, just a few weeks out from the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, BMW spokespeople have confirmed to Australian media that such a car will be on show in concept form at the upcoming Swiss event. Unfortunately, separate BMW insiders claim the new roadster concept isn’t destined for production but rather will be a showcase of design elements planned for future models from the automaker. This suggests that the new concept could be the mystery...

  • BMW Isetta minicar
    Video: BMW’s new sub-brand to revive Isetta name?

    For the older European readers out there, the mention of the words BMW Isetta probably conjures up nostalgic images of little, egg-shaped cars trundling around the city, with styling that looked possibly as cheerful and non-threatening as a car could ever get. Built in the 1950s and ‘60s, the...

  • BMW Munich headquarters
    BMW rules out fourth brand, favors new "sub-brand"

    Since the release of its official strategy in September of 2007, media sources around the world have been speculating that BMW was looking at either launching its own new brand or acquiring one to help expansion. BMW already has a foothold in the luxury and ultra-luxury segments with its BMW and...

  • BMW Munich headquarters
    BMW picks Bosch and Samsung JV as Project i battery supplier

    BMW's foray into the world of hybrids is expected to begin at some point this year with the release of a hybrid variant of the 7-series flagship and eventually the X5 and X6 SUVs as well. While development for those cars is mostly complete, BMW is preparing its next-generation of hybrids and...

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