Volvo Sensus

  • Volvo Safety Concept Car

    Believe it or not, the 2012 Volvo C30 hatchback is essentially a 10 year old design. Several years before the C30 hit the streets, Volvo revealed a striking concept called the Safety Concept Car (SCC) to the motoring press in 2001, previewing several new technologies that would eventually be seen across the Volvo range and many other cars besides. Concept cars are revealed for many reasons - previewing the style of future vehicles, testing the water for new technology or simply to create a buzz at an auto show. The SCC did all three, but with Volvo's safety track record the SCC was a...

  • 2012 Volvo S80 Executive
    2012 Volvo S80 Executive Gets That Little Extra Touch Of Luxury

    Volvo recently updated its S80 flagship sedan for the 2012 model year, with most of the updates centering on several new safety and infotainment upgrades. However, the automaker is also launching a new version of its S80 Executive special edition model, which has been revealed today in its latest...

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