• 2012 Nissan Versa four-door sedan

    If you think your car is sometimes a little slow to react when you turn a corner or push pedal to the metal, some future technology from Nissan might be right up your street. In-car safety and technology systems have got pretty advanced recently. You can buy cars that adjust their speed according to traffic on the freeway, brake to avoid pedestrians and warn you when you're drifting in your lane. They can brake harder in emergencies and help wake you if you appear to be drifting off. They're all reactive rather than proactive technologies though, which is where Nissan's research, in...

  • 2009 Honda FCX Clarity
    More Future Fuels: Bacteria To Power Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

    Hydrogen fuel cells for automotive use are one of those "great in theory, flawed in principal" ideas for the future of car propulsion. New technology using bacteria could eventually change that. Fuel cells have several advantages over pure battery-electric power, for example. Firstly, hydrogen has...

  • Traffic Jam
    Tech Blamed For Stressed "Gen Y" Drivers; Some Tips To Help

    If you were born some time between the 1970s and the mid 1990s you're what's known as "Generation Y", and new research has shown that you're much more likely to be stressed behind the wheel than your "Baby Boomer" predecessors. The survey was conducted by Galaxy Research, on 1,010 people across...

  • Lexus driving simulator
    Video: Lexus Engineers Advanced Simulator, Monitors Driver

    What's the most advanced computer in a modern car? The ECU controlling your car's fuelling, ignition, throttle and more? Or perhaps it's the in-car infotainment systems with satellite navigation and downloadable apps? None of the above, says Lexus. The most advanced computer in the modern car is...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf
    Renault-Nissan Opens Tech Research Office In Silicon Valley

    Renault might not sell any cars in the United States but that won't stop them moving into town. With partner Nissan the international group has opened a research and development office in the heart of Mountain View, Silicon Valley. The Renault-Nissan Alliance was created in 1999 and now sells one...

  • Green GPS (Image: University of Illinois)
    Green GPS Picks Fuel-Saving, Lowest Emissions Routes

    GPS navigation systems and internet-based route planners allow you to pick the quickest or shortest route to your destination. However, until now there hasn't been the option to pick the greenest route, allowing you to use the least fuel and reducing your journey's emissions. Researchers at the...

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