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  • Audi's glass engine for testing e-gas synthetic natural gas

    Plenty of high-end sports cars feature glass panels into the engine bay, letting you glimpse the works of mechanical art beneath. Glass engines though are altogether rarer, for obvious reasons. But that does present a problem when you want to inspect the combustion process a little closer in laboratory testing--how do you see whether the real engine is working the way the computer model predicts? If you're Audi, you put a small window of quartz glass in the walls of the combustion chamber to study your eco-friendly 'e-fuels'. MUST SEE: Mercedes-Benz Brings G63 AMG 6x6 To the Northeast Audi...

  • Audi e-gas plant in Werlte, Germany
    Audi’s new e-gas plant comes online

    Audi’s revolutionary e-gas plant, first announced in May, 2011, has finally come online. The plant can create a variety of energy sources including pure electricity, hydrogen or a synthetic gas similar to natural gas which Audi calls e-gas. The plant, located in Werlte, Germany, will produce...

  • Volkswagen DSG dual-clutch transmission
    10-Speed DSG Among Volkswagen’s Future Tech

    Given the proliferation of announcements for eight-, nine- and even 10-speed automatic gearboxes of late, it would appear the world’s major automakers were giving up on dual-clutch technology, which remains stuck at seven forward gears. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, as...

  • 2014 Audi A3 g-tron
    Natural Gas-Powered 2014 Audi A3 g-tron Revealed

    About two years ago we reported that Audi would eventually add six different powertrain types to its A3 range, offering everything from regular gasoline and diesel engines to advanced electrics and plug-in hybrids. In addition to the gasoline and diesel A3s already on sale today, we’ve been...

  • Patrick Racing Le Mans Prototype Challenge race car
    Patrick Racing To Bring Natural Gas Race Cars To American Le Mans Series In 2013

    With the big-dog Le Mans 24 hour race just in the books for 2012, the American Le Mans Series has kicked up its program for the rest of the year, which will climax at the Petit Le Mans this fall. But the series is already looking to next year, too, with an announcement today that natural...

  • 2010 ALMS Monterey, photos by Joe Nuxoll, High Gear Media
    Electric, Natural Gas Race Cars To Join ALMS?

    Compressed natural gas and electric race cars could have a very real future in American Le Mans Series racing, and sooner than you might think.

  • Audi e-gas project

    One of the greatest arguments against electric cars is not their limited range, low top speeds or long charge times, but the fact that their electrical power is usually generated by means of heavy polluting coal burning power stations or potentially worse nuclear reactors. Audi acknowledges this and hopes to alleviate the issue in the future by becoming a completely CO2 neutral automaker. No, we’re not talking about planting a whole bunch of CO2 absorbing trees like some other automakers have done. Audi is launching a new initiative dubbed ‘Audi balanced mobility’ and a...

  • Modified Audi A4
    Modified Audi A4 hits record 226.6mph top speed on bio-gas

    The search for less-toxic alternative fuels is leading in many promising directions, one of which is bio-gas. Effectively a form of natural gas made from plants, the fuel was used this week to speed a modified B7 Audi A4 quattro to a new bio-gas world speed record of 226.6mph (364.6km/h). Despite...

  • 2009 Mercedes Benz B-Class
    Mercedes Benz considers natural gas powered vehicles for U.S.

    At this week’s Washington Auto Show, Mercedes Benz plans to showcase its compact B-Class hatch with a powertrain designed to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). The carmaker already sells a dual-fuel version of the B-Class in Europe that runs on either petrol or CNG or a combination of the...

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