• Lithium Air Battery

    The only certainty of electric car technology is that nobody is really certain of our future path. Dozens of different battery technologies are under development all around the world to fix the common battery limitations--limited energy density, heavy weight, long recharging times--and one such path is that of lithium-air batteries. Computer and technology company IBM is taking the lithium-air route, and explains the workings of the battery in the video above. The basic concept of a battery is to turn a chemical reaction into an electrical output. A lithium-air battery draws oxygen from the...

  • The Graphene Carbon Lattice
    Graphene The Missing Link In Lithium-Air Battery Technology?

    With so many different technologies vying to be the "next big thing" with electric car batteries, the law of averages dictates that at least one of those genuinely will be the next big thing. The latest "next big thing" is graphene lithium-air batteries according to Talking Points Memo, and they're...

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