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  • 1930 Ford Model A by Classic Car Studio

    A one-of-a-kind hot rod will grace the auction block on Friday during Barrett-Jackson's annual sale in Scottsdale, Arizona. This 1930 Ford Model A boasts a custom exterior with a steel interior, and there's a rival powertrain under the hood; it's sourced from Chrysler. If the hot-rodded Ford looks familiar, that's because it first surfaced last summer. Dale Stewert, the bass player from South African rock band Seether, commissioned the build on the Velocity Channel's "Speed Is The New Black." The brilliant minds at St. Louis-based Classic Car Studio created the beast and its one-off looks...

  • 1930 Ford Model A by Classic Car Studio
    1930 Ford Model A Sedan hot rod seethes with style

    The 1930 Ford Model A sedan was a rather mundane thing. The Model T is credited with first putting Americans behind the wheel, and the 1932 Ford became a hot rod icon, but the 1928-1931 Ford is mostly forgotten. Put it in the hands of a rock star and a hot rod shop, though, and the Model A can...

  • Duesenberg hot rod
    Rare Duesenberg hot rod visits Jay Leno's Garage

    Dave Blake is the owner of one very special car. It's a hot rod built in 1947 by brothers Hal and Bill Ulrich using a 1934 Ford Roadster chassis and a masterpiece of an engine lifted out of a Duesenberg. Despite being designed all the way back in 1928, the 7.0-liter inline-8 Duesenberg engine had...

  • McGee/Scritchfield 1932 Ford roadster
    Documentary details iconic McGee/Scritchfield 1932 Ford roadster

    If you had to pick one car as the quintessential hot rod, the McGee/Scritchfield Roadster would be as good a choice as any. It's one of the most legendary, historic, and iconic hot rods in the history of the hobby, and it's a car that lived numerous lives. This documentary, by the Historic Vehicle...

  • Edward Lyle Fisk, professional pinstriper
    Steady as he goes; Lyle Fisk is the patron saint of pinstriping

    It may seem commonplace now, but pinstriping has come a long way from its luxury roots. The practice is now in vogue in hot rod customization culture, or as professional pinstriper, Edward Lyle Fisk calls it, "embellishing." Fisk is one of only a handful of people who have dedicated their lives to...

  • 1933 Plymouth hot rod does a burnout
    1933 Plymouth hot rod is a mean burnout machine

    Hot rods are good for a couple of things: looking really cool, making the driver really cool, and doing cool things. They're just downright cool. One of those cool things hot rods do really well is performing incredibly smokey burnouts—this 1933 Plymouth sedan pulls the task off in spades...

  • 1970 Dodge Challenger, photo Auctions America

    As the weather turns warmer and the sun starts to shine, car guys get fidgety. When we see our first classic car on the road, our thoughts turn to the collector cars we'd like in our own garages. And then the summer buying season begins. Hagerty, as the leading insurance provider of classic cars, studies the collector car market. Just as summer begins, Hagerty has published its list of the 10 hottest collector cars of the summer. The list is based on value trends, quote activity, private sales, and other factors. Cars of the 1980s and 1990s have gained traction in recent years and that...

  • The Spitfire-powered Bentley Meteor - image: Coys
    Spitfire-Engined Bentley Meteor, Seen On Top Gear, For Sale: Video

    In the last season of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson relived the Battle of Britain by once again pitting the Germans against the British. This time, it would be contested on a runway, between a German car powered by a Heinkel He 111 bomber engine (the Brutus) and a British car powered by a Rolls-Royce...

  • C5 Corvette blends with C10 Blazer for the ultimate American shooting brake
    C10 Blazer, Meet C5 Corvette Chassis: American Shooting Brake

    While this might not be your ideal of the American shooting brake, it's certainly one take on the concept. For those of us living in the mid-south, it's probably the closest thing to perfection since a 1967 Mustang mounted on a lifted F-150 pickup frame. Sure, it's highly impractical with most of...

  • Mitch Allread's 1949 Ford F5 street rod.
    Mitch Allread's Rolling Sculpture Street Rod: Video

    Let’s play a little bit of word association: if we say the words “street rod,” what jumps into your head? Is it a chopped and slammed 1932 Ford Coupe? A 1957 Chevy Bel Air, stuffed with a blown small block Chevy? Perhaps a “lead sled” Mercury? Whatever you envision...

  • Tony Hair's V-16 twin-engine Miata
    Twin-Engine Miata Is 16 Cylinders Of Awesome: Video

    A Florida garage owner has built a twin-engine, 16-cylinder Miata. Why? Because hot rod.

  • 2009 Ford EcoBoost Hot Rod
    Ford Shows Off ’34 Hot Rod With EcoBoost V-6

    Set to go on show at the 2009 SEMA Auto Show, the Ford hot rod will be the first rear-wheel drive application of Ford’s EcoBoost V-6.

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