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  • Flat tire, by flickr user Tiger Girl

    Over the years, experience has taught us one thing time and time again: when something sounds too good to be true, chances are good that it won’t deliver as promised. That’s why we’re somewhat skeptical about a new tire-coating process, described in The Detroit News, that promises to prevent flat tires (from small punctures, anyway), boost fuel economy by up to 10-percent, make tires last up to 25-percent longer and significantly reduce tire noise. Called “Rhinotire,” the process involves coating the inside of a tire with a unique polymer, developed by engineers...

  • This is why you don't ignore flat tires. Image: WTAE
    Driving Tip: You Can't Ignore A Flat Tire For Long

    Life isn’t always fair, and things don’t always go as planned. Drive long enough, and you’ll eventually get a flat tire, likely at the worst possible moment. Fly frequently enough, and sooner or later you’re going to miss a flight or two. Sometimes, you’ll do both in...

  • Flat tire, by Flickr user Lissalou66
    Driver Helps Stranded Motorist, Who Then Saves His Life

    If you don’t believe in things like karma or divine intervention, ponder the following story. It starts when Victor Giesbrecht stopped by the side of the road to help a stranded motorist change a flat tire. The car with the flat tire was driven by Sara Berg, who was traveling on I-94 some 70...

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