Ferrari hybrid

  • Ferrari 812 Superfast

    "Nuts." That's how Ferrari chief Sergio Marchionne described the thought of turbocharging V-12 engines in future vehicles. With that blunt opinion, Marchionne confirmed Ferrari will always offer a naturally aspirated V-12 engine. The statement also casts out fears of downsizing or even killing off the V-12 entirely. However, hybrids are all systems go for the future. ‘‘We will always offer a V-12,” Marchionne told Autocar. “Our head of engine programs told me it would be absolutely nuts to [put a] turbocharger on the V-12, so the answer is no. It [will be] naturally...

  • 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia
    New Details On Ferrari Hybrid 4WD System

    Ferrari has been working on a proprietary part-time four-wheel drive system designed for both its mid- and front-engined models for the past several years. Christened the “Insertable 4x4”, not much has been seen or heard about the system for some time but now a mysterious Ferrari...

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