Dinan S3-R BMW M3

  • Dinan S3-R BMW M3

    A high-revving, sweet-sounding V-8 is a marvelous thing, and BMW's 4.0-liter V-8 in the M3 is a prime example. The tuners at Dinan, however, weren't satisfied with the factory-supplied 414 horsepower and thus have boosted output of the car to a tire-vaporizing 527 horsepower and 407 pound-feet--more than the V-10 powered M5. Best of all, the new package, dubbed the Dinan S3-R, is as easy and comfortable to drive as the stock M3--but this one can take you to speeds well above 200 mph. Starting with the stock M3 V-8, engineers bore and stroke out the cylinders for a gain of 608cc of...

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