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  • 2019 Porsche Macan media drive, Mallorca, Spain, November 2018

    Porsche owners in Illinois and Oregon can now buy insurance directly through Porsche and pay based on annual miles driven. The program will roll out in other states later.

  • The Facebook-designed Citroen C1 Connexion - image: Citroen
    Citroën C1 Connexion Offers U.K. Drivers Free Insurance - At A Price

    If you’re a new driver, you know that the cost of car insurance can, in some cases, be more than the cost of your first car. Get a ticket, or have an at-fault accident, and you may find yourself with the kind of insurance rates that would make Bill Gates wince, if your company doesn’t...

  • Man crashes Lamborghini Gallardo on test drive in Sydney
    Europe's Big Brother Insurers Trialing Black Boxes

    For years, women in Europe have been paying less for car insurance than their male counterparts. Statistically, the claims that women make on their insurance are significantly less expensive, hence the lower rates. However, December 2012 brings a European ban on assessing rates based on gender...

  • Car Accident Sidekick app from the American Lawyer Academy
    Car Accident Sidekick App Claims To Find Nearby Ambulance-Chasers

    Ads from ambulance-chasers make life worth living. Many are so outrageous, so ridiculous, so covered in schmaltz that viewers can't help but smile. But the times they are a-changin': a new app for accident victims could make such cheesy TV spots obsolete. The app is called "Car Accident Sidekick"...

  • Snapshot car insurance tracking device
    Want Cheaper Car Insurance? Take A Snapshot, Pay As You Go

    You'd struggle to find someone out there who wouldn't like to pay a little less for their car insurance. Whether you drive an Aveo or an Aventador insurance is a necessary evil. We all want the best service for the lowest prices. If you don't actually drive that much though, and when you do you're...

  • State Farm Driver Feedback app for iPhone
    Uh-Oh: State Farm Is Watching (And Rating) Your Driving, Too

    Remember Progressive's Snapshot program? Sign up, and the agency sends you a device that plugs into your car's onboard diagnostic port and lets Progressive know how safely you're driving. Score well, and your auto insurance rate could plummet. Score poorly, and your rate might go up. Now State Farm...

  • Classic Car Guide app for iPhone

    We've seen a handful of apps for classic car aficionados, and we've seen apps for insurance quotes and claims, but until now, we haven't seen those two services combined in one handy format. Enter the Classic Car Guide for iPhone and iPad. The Classic Car Guide lets fans of vintage rides search for their dream car in a variety of ways, including location, make/model, and VIN. The app has access to the 100,000+ current and past sales listed in Keith Martin’s Sports Car Market database, and offers a wide variety of photos for many listings. During our testing, the Classic Car Guide...

  • DriveCam
    Nanny Cams Prove Popular For Parents Of Teen Drivers

    Once upon a time, parents had to be pretty crafty to track their teenagers' driving habits. Sure, they could look for obvious signs of recklessness like dents and scratches, but hard braking? Aggressive driving? Almost impossible to spot without tailing them from a distance. (Which, of course, our...

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