• One-off Mercedes-Benz B55 prototype

    What we have here is a Mercedes-Benz B-Class, a car normally powered by efficient four-cylinder gasoline or turbodiesel mills, given a powerplant transplant by apprentices at the automaker’s plant in Rastatt, Germany. Their weapon of choice? A throaty V-8 engine displacing 5.5-liters and delivering no less than 388 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque. The results are as you would expect, completely insane, but somehow it seems that a V-8 in something as small as a B-Class hatchback was always meant to be. The idea behind the car, nicknamed the B55 although it has no actual...

  • One-off Mercedes-Benz B55 prototype
    Apprentices Build One-Off Mercedes-Benz B55 Hot-Hatch

    The idea of shoving the biggest, most powerful engine around into smallest vehicle you can find is nothing new, hot-rodders in this country have been doing it for the good part of the last century, but more recently it’s been the Germans that have been showing us the way. A few years back we...

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