Alt Fuels

  • Ammonia could be used as fuel. Image: Wikipedia user Ben Mills

    Ammonia: Useful in fertilizers, cleaning products and fairly unpleasant in direct human contact. Used as a fuel for vehicles? Certainly not impossible, according to an article in New Scientist. John Fleming and Tim Maxwell at Texas Tech University are developing a system to produce ammonia that can be installed in filling stations. What are the benefits? Rather than using hydrogen to power fuel cells and the associated high-pressure storage problems associated with this, Fleming and Maxwell would use water to produce hydrogen from electrolysis, and this is then combined with nitrogen from the...

  • 2010 ALMS Monterey, photos by Joe Nuxoll, High Gear Media
    Electric, Natural Gas Race Cars To Join ALMS?

    Compressed natural gas and electric race cars could have a very real future in American Le Mans Series racing, and sooner than you might think.

  • Formula H sketch
    Australian-built hydrogen race car targets world speed record

    The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), an Australian university, has unveiled Australia's first hydrogen powered race car, dubbed 'Formula H' and developed in conjunction with the Fachhochschule Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences. With speeds of around 106mph (170km/h) expected...

  • 2009 Ferrari California
    Ferrari CEO flatly rules out diesels

    The Germans are embracing diesels wholeheartedly, and many of the Fiat Group's companies have a standing relationship with the oily fuel, but Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa has ruled out any move toward the technology, at least within the next five years, and probably beyond that. "Diesel is not a...

  • Germans convert Ford Mustang GT to LPG
    LPG-powered Mustang GT cranks out 300hp

    The Ford Mustang is many things to many people, but rarely is it considered an efficient or 'green' vehicle. A German LPG advocacy group and tuning shop Rollin on Chrome have come together to change that perception, however, producing a 300hp (228kW) LPG-fueled custom Mustang GT, which joins the...

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