• The electric three-row SUV will be missing certain tech features when customers start taking delivery this year
  • Plug & Charge, Apple CarPlay, and other features will be made available later through a software update
  • Initially, the EX90 will lose 3% of charge per day while parked 

Production of the 2025 Volvo EX90 got underway at Volvo's South Carolina plant earlier in June, and customer deliveries for the $77,900 electric midsize SUV are scheduled to follow in the second half of the year.

However, some key features won't be available initially but will be added later via software updates. Volvo has a list on its customer support website.

One of the features will be the Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring system. Volvo said an update that will enable CarPlay is "upcoming," but hasn't provided a firm timeline. The EX90 also supports Android Auto and this mirroring system will be available at launch.

Another handy feature that will be absent but planned for a future update will be Plug & Charge, meaning charging at public stations will likely require using a card or app to initiate charging and paying for the electricity.

2025 Volvo EX90

2025 Volvo EX90

Volvo said there will also be battery drainage in the EX90 when the vehicle is parked, at the rate of roughly 3% per day, though only for three days, after which the vehicle enters a deep sleep mode to preserve energy. The energy is used to power the vehicle's core computing system. The requirement to run the system in the background will be remedied with a future update, the automaker said.

Bidirectional charging and smart charging will also be added at later date. The latter optimizes charging at home, like topping up during off-peak times when electricity prices are lower. It can keep track of the owner's planned departure times so that the vehicle will be fully charged when required.

Other absent features fall in the area of electronic driver-assist features, one of them being front cross-traffic alert with automatic emergency braking.

2025 Polestar 3

2025 Polestar 3

Volvo didn't mention why the features have been delayed, but the original start of deliveries for the EX90—and its Polestar 3 corporate sibling—also suffered delays due to software-related issues. The Volvo was originally due to start deliveries in early 2024 and the Polestar in late 2023.

Polestar 3 deliveries started on Thursday, with the first customers taking delivery at a special ceremony held at Polestar's headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. U.S. deliveries will start shortly after production starts at the South Carolina plant this summer.

Volvo also said this week it will delay the arrival of the EX30 in the U.S. until next year, citing a changing “global automotive landscape.” The electric subcompact crossover is built in China and was originally due here this summer, but with the U.S. recently placing 100% tariffs on Chinese-made EVs, Volvo will now wait until production of the EX30 starts up at its plant in Belgium. That's scheduled to happen next year.