More Volkswagen Group brands have been caught up in a U.S. Customs issue causing some vehicles to be held at ports.

A spokesperson for the automaker said certain vehicles from the Audi and Bentley brands are being held at ports until a specific component is replaced, without providing details on the affected models.

According to the spokesperson, the cause of the issue is a small electronic component, thought to be a microchip, that forms part of a larger control unit. According to the Financial Times, the part was sourced from a supplier in western China and breaches anti-forced labor laws. That puts it on the wrong side of U.S. Customs rules.

A person familiar with the matter said Porsche and Lamborghini vehicles are also affected by the issue. No Volkswagen-branded vehicles are affected, the person said.

A spokesperson told Motor Authority that the goal is to have deliveries completed by the end of March.

Last week a Porsche spokesperson said all Porsche models apart from the 718 and Macan are affected by the same issue.

The VW Group spokesperson said the automaker is in the process of installing compliant replacements as they arrive but that some delays may be unavoidable. The spokesperson didn't say how long any delays would be but said dealerships and customers who have ordered cars are being kept updated.

Numerous automakers have faced setbacks in recent years due to supply chain challenges, particularly stemming from the onset of the pandemic. The most prominent was the chip shortage, triggered by factory closures during lockdowns. However, other specific issues compounded the situation, such as the six-day blockage of the Suez Canal by the cargo ship Ever Given in 2021, and more recently, the assaults by Houthi rebels on certain cargo vessels in the Red Sea.

Moreover, several German automakers, including brands under the VW Group, encountered disruptions during the early stages of the conflict in Ukraine. The war prompted the shutdown of plants responsible for assembling wiring harnesses, leading to production halts at various automakers' facilities.


Update: This story has been updated to include information on the part breaching anti-forced labor laws and a timeframe for when vehicles will be delivered.