Lia Block will drive her father's Porsche 911 "Hoonipigasus" at the 2023 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) this June.

Ken Block was killed in a snowmobile crash in January, after which his family confirmed plans to continue racing. The Pikes Peak plans were announced Thursday on Instagram. The post said Lia Block will be making a "tribute run" that will not be timed.

The Hoonipigasus is one of Ken Block's craziest builds. Designed specifically for Pikes Peak, it's mid-engined, all-wheel drive, and has a claimed 1,400 hp. The name references both sponsor Mobil 1's Pegasus mascot, and the Porsche 917/20 "Pink Pig" race car, which was also the inspiration for the car's livery.

At the time of its first Pikes Peak outing in 2022, Ken Block's Hoonigan Racing Division also said the Hoonipgasus had a specially designed transmission tunnel aimed at lowering the center of gravity, GPS-actuated height-adjustable suspension that used telemetry from the previous year's race, and a 2,204-pound curb weight. A massive rear wing compensates for the thin air at Pikes Peak, where racers start at 9,300 feet above sea level and climb to 14,155 feet over about 12 miles.

Ken Block's Hoonipigasus Porsche 911

Ken Block's Hoonipigasus Porsche 911

Ken Block drove the Hoonipigasus in the unrestricted Pikes Peak Open (PPO) class in 2022, gunning for an overall win. An engine failure prevented him from qualifying, however.

Lia Block, who is 16 year old, has some racing experience, competing in several events in recent months honoring her father. She finished ninth in March's American Rally Association (ARA) 100 Acre Wood Rally, which her father won seven times. Her mother Lucy also competed, but was not classified among the finishers. The duo plan plan to enter the remaining ARA rounds.