Ford CEO Jim Farley took to Twitter on Monday to announce that the quickest version of the F-150 Lightning will sprint to 60 mph from rest in less than four seconds.

That acceleration is achieved by versions of the F-150 Lightning that come with the 131-kwh extended-range battery and produce 563 hp. The time is significantly lower than the mid-four-second range Ford announced during the electric truck's launch earlier this year.

F-150 Lightnings with the 98-kwh standard-range battery only come with 426 hp, and as a result their acceleration is slower. Ford spokeswoman Emma Berg confirmed to Motor Authority that 0-60 mph acceleration in this configuration is 4.1 seconds.

According to Berg, the revised acceleration figure is simply the official rating, whereas Ford previously only gave an estimate. It means F-150 Lightnings with the extended-range battery already delivered to customers have been running 0-60 mph times in less than four seconds all this time.

While the official rating for acceleration has come down on the F-150 Lightning, prices have gone up, not once but twice. The 2023 F-150 Lightning currently starts from $53,769, up from the 2022 model's original starting price of $41,669. Both figures include destination.

All F-150 Lightnings are currently outfitted with dual-motor, all-wheel-drive powertrains. Ford has previously hinted at a rear-wheel-drive option, which presumably will lower the price of entry and likely the horsepower.