Porsche customers can now access the entire U.S. dealer inventory from the internet to find their perfect next vehicle.

On Thursday, Porsche Cars North America announced it has expanded its Porsche Finder (finder.porsche.com) e-commerce platform to list the inventory for all of its 193 U.S. dealers.

Porsche Finder also lists the options of each vehicle. It lets customers estimate trade-in values based on Kelly Blue Book data and compare Porsche Financial Services financing options, including a payment calculator and a credit application. Last year in May, Porsche Finder added the full inventory of used and certified pre-owned vehicles at its U.S. dealers.

Porsche Finder

Porsche Finder

"The fact that our U.S. customers can now jumpstart buying a new Porsche digitally is a win for them—and for dealers," said Dr. Kjell Gruner, President and CEO of PCNA. "Porsche drivers have high standards. They often know exactly what they want and do detailed research before making a purchase. This upgrade helps them do that."

Customers can type in their ZIP codes and the desired model and Porsche Finder can find the vehicle they want by combing through the detailed photos dealers upload. The system can recognize colors, body types, and equipment based on those photos. Potential buyers can also search inventories of specific dealers.

Porsche Finder works on computers, smartphones, and tablets, and Porsche says the service will get additional enhancements in the future to create a seamless buying process.