Lexus will introduce an electrified all-wheel-drive system with highly precise torque vectoring in its next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles, the automaker said Monday.

Called Direct4, the system is designed to deliver precise control using electric motors and braking force to direct torque between the axles and between the wheels.

In hybrid vehicles, the system will rely on an internal-combustion engine and electric drive system at the front axle, and an electric drive system at the rear axle. The same setup minus the combustion engine will feature in EVs.

Lexus said the system is designed to automatically adjust the level of torque going to each of the wheels to optimize driving feel and stability. Lexus also said the system responds quicker than non-electrified all-wheel-drive systems with torque vectoring because of the instantaneous torque of electric motors.

Lexus hasn't said when Direct4 will be available and in which vehicles. It's possible one of the vehicles is the oft-rumored Lexus LQ crossover SUV based on 2018's LF-1 Limitless concept vehicle.

Speaking of concepts, Lexus also said Monday it plans to unveil a new concept vehicle in early 2021. Previewed in the teaser below, the concept will point to the future styling direction of Lexus as the automaker adds more EVs to its lineup.

Teaser for Lexus concept car debuting in early 2021

Teaser for Lexus concept car debuting in early 2021