Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are back with "The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt," which premieres on Amazon Prime on Dec. 18.

This is the long-awaited Madagascar special from the "Grand Tour" trio, which has been teased numerous times but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"The Grand Tour" has shifted away from studio segments to focus on adventure-type films uninterrupted by the in-studio banter. That's because viewers tend to skip over the studio parts, and zero in on the travel and automotive hijinks, Hammond said in an interview with Road & Track last year.

"A Massive Hunt" will be the second installment since the format change, following 2019's "The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen," which saw the hosts travel through Cambodia and Vietnam by water.

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Clarkson, Hammond, and May switched back to cars for this show, picking an eclectic trio of vehicles. The trailer shows Clarkson driving a Bentley Continental GT, Hammond driving a Ford Focus RS, and May in a Caterham Seven.

According to the trailer, the plot involves a treasure hunt, and enough inhospitable terrain to require some rather extreme modifications to the cars. If you've ever wondered what a Focus RS would like like on tank tracks, this is your lucky day.

"The Grand Tour" is currently in its fourth season. A renewal agreement signed last year called for the trio to film four adventure specials per year, though it's unclear what cadence they are aiming for under current conditions. The release date of "A Massive Hunt" is almost exactly one year after the previous special.