Volvo said Wednesday it will go ahead with plans to introduce an electronic speed limiter across its range. First announced in early 2019, the limiter will cap the top speed of Volvos from the 2021 model year on at 180 kph (approximately 112 mph).

That's well above the legal speed limit for most public road around the globe, though it will affect things for Volvo fans who enjoy track days or high-speed jaunts on Germany's speed unlimited Autobahns.

The limiter won't feature on models from Volvo's sister brand Polestar, a spokesman for the performance EV brand told Motor Authority a year ago when Volvo first announced plans for the limiter.

Volvo said the move was aimed at improving road safety and to demonstrate how automakers, outside of legislation, can help to promote safer driving. Volvo isn't a pioneer in this regard, though. Japanese automakers for years limited the top speed of their vehicles to 112 mph as part of a gentlemen's agreement. Most of the German automakers also limit the speed of their vehicles to 155 mph, excluding performance models.

Volvo also announced Wednesday plans to introduce a driver-selectable speed limiter. Similar to technology offered by other automakers, such as Ford's MyKey system, Volvo will introduce the new Care Key that will allow drivers to set their own limits below 112 mph, for example when lending the keys to a new driver in the family.