McLaren's North American headquarters is leaving New York City for an industrial park located in Coppell, Texas.

Located close to Dallas, the site will provide McLaren with the extra space it needs as sales continue to soar. The extra space—30,000 square feet in Texas versus 4,500 in New York—is required for storage, as well as for staff training and servicing of the company's own fleet.

The new site is also more centrally based to better serve the company's 27 dealers in North America. McLaren expects to complete the move in October.

McLaren hit a new record of 4,806 deliveries in 2018, with North America accounting for the bulk of those deliveries. And the United States in particular has been the brightest spot. McLaren has delivered 7,000 cars here since arriving in 2011. To put that figure into perspective, McLaren has delivered just over 20,000 cars worldwide since its road car division was established in 2010.

And monthly records continue to roll in. The automaker predicts that its U.S. sales will increase by 19 percent this year.

McLaren's global headquarters remains in Woking, United Kingdom, where the automaker's vehicle plant also lies.