Tesla is known the world over for its flagship Model S sedan, falcon-winged Model X SUV and affordable Model 3. But many have already forgotten Tesla’s humble start with the Lotus-based Roadster.

In fact, you can even count Tesla itself among those that have swept the Roadster into the dustbin of forgotten automotive history. Parts support for the Roadster is nearly non-existent, and there are few—if any—among the company’s current rank and file that were around during the car’s development. So what’s a Roadster owner to do when their vehicle needs service? They turn to Carl Medlock.

Medlock was a Tesla employee from 2009 to 2013 and oversaw the company’s West Coast parts and service operations. In other words, he was responsible for keeping virtually every Tesla Roadster up and running. And now he’s the go-to guy for all things Roadster.

Medlock runs Medlock and Sons Tesla and EV Service in Seattle and services most of the Roadsters in the area, which is a lot. He even gets Roadsters shipped to him for service from as far away as California and Florida. Needless to say, Medlock is well-known among the Roadster community and now, thanks to a CNBC video, he’s getting some notoriety from the public at large for his role as the “Roadster Whisperer.”

In the video, which was picked up by Road & Track, Medlock gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his Roadster shop. Outside, he has stacks of used Roadster parts because Tesla won’t sell him new ones. Inside, he diagnoses problems without the use of a code reader because, again, Tesla won’t sell him one. In fact, Tesla threatened Medlock with legal action for working on its cars, but the automaker ultimately lost its suit.

If you have a Tesla Roadster, Carl Medlock is a name you need to know. And if you love David vs. Goliath kind of stories that feature plenty of grit and determination, this is a video you need to see.