As it turns out, reports that there would never be a MKV Toyota Supra with a manual transmission were a little premature. Well, sort of.

Toyota is still staunchly against offering a manual alternative to the Supra’s standard 8-speed automatic, but the aftermarket is answering enthusiasts’ prayers to the car gods for a three-pedal Supra. European Auto Group, the same Texas-based firm that’s building the world’s first manual Ferrari 458, says it’s working on a manual swap for the new Supra.

Development work for the transmission swap is apparently progressing smoothly as EAG owner Art Bartosik told CarBuzz that the company is nearly finished with its first row-it-yourself Supra. The company is now opening its order books for its manual Supra conversion, with perspective customers required to plop down a $6,000 deposit.

Bartosik says the total cost of the swap will be “around $12,000,” which includes parts and labor. Of course, customers will also be on the hook for the cost of a Supra to convert, as well as the shipping bill to get the car to EAG’s shop in San Antonia, Texas.

To make the swap as trouble free as possible, EAG says it will be using an OEM BMW transmission (in case you haven’t heard, the Supra is not only based on a BMW platform but also uses a BMW-sourced engine). As for the shifter itself, Bartosik says he’s keen to use the unit from the Toyota GR HV Sports concept car (shown). "We want the shifter to have a flip-up design, just like the concept, with the button underneath programmed to activate Sport Mode," he said.

Unfortunately, EAG’s manual conversion will likely void the Supra’s factory warranty. However, the company says it is looking into a 4-year/50,000 mile warranty of its own to give its customers peace of mind.

In addition to the manual swap, EAG is planning an entire menu of Supra upgrades for its customers. Available for purchase will be in-house designed items like a carbon-fiber roof and a performance exhaust system, as well as a tuning program from ProTuning Freaks that promises to increase the Supra’s output from 335 to 430 horsepower.