Bugatti is committed to building 500 Chirons in total, and the 200th example has just been completed.

Unveiled on Wednesday at the Bugatti plant in Molsheim, France, the 200th example of the 1,480-horsepower hypercar is a Chiron Sport with 110 ans Bugatti anniversary treatment, and it's destined for a customer in Switzerland. The customer has also chosen to add the Chiron's Sky View glass roof option.

The Chiron Sport is a slightly shaper version of the Chiron that benefits from reduced weight and stiffer suspension than the standard model, though no extra power, and the 110 ans Bugatti treatment adds a few special touches honoring Bugatti's French heritage. It was made available this year to celebrate the Bugatti brand's 110th birthday.

Production of the 200th Bugatti Chiron

Production of the 200th Bugatti Chiron

"You can't feel anything but pride when you see this 200th Chiron emerge from the factory," Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann said. "The quality and dedication of everyone involved in a Bugatti car is unique in the world and demonstrates the passion that we bring to our work."

We'll remind you that each Chiron takes ten months to build, with final assembly alone taking about eight weeks. The Chiron requires 20 people working mostly by hand to assemble its roughly 1,800 parts.

At the rate Bugatti is building the Chiron, production of the remaining 300 cars will last another four years. If your pockets are deep enough, you can still order a Chiron. The company said it has 100 build slots left. And if you're pockets are really deep—and you're already the owner of a Chiron—Bugatti may choose to offer you a build slot for one of its next coach-built specials. The company plans to offer two of these every year.