The 2019 Lotus Evora 400 is an enigma among low-volume sports cars for its relative rarity—and its apparent practicality. Comedian and car guy Jay Leno went across the pond to find out more.

The car arrived with Lotus Design Director Russell Carr to answer some of those questions. The lead designer at the British sports car maker combed over the exterior and its functions in immense detail and answered every question Leno asked.

We also learned some neat things about the Evora 400. Specifically, Lotus views the car as a bit of a do-everything kind of sports car. The Evora, in general, was conceived to carry children in the back, and features a somewhat useable trunk behind the mid-mounted supercharged V-6 engine. The Elise requires a buyer to make some compromises, Carr said. The Evora asks less from buyers for its performance.

That's not to say the Evora will start replacing a crossover in driveways around the globe, but it's always nice to have space for luggage or an overnight bag at a minimum. With the Evora, we'd be doing a lot of road tripping ourselves.

The other key takeaway from not just the Evora, but also from Lotus as a whole, is how closely Carr said the team works together. The company is a fraction of the size of rivals like Porsche, but Carr believes that's a strength. It makes it easier for designers and engineers to work together and create more intricate packages for cars like the Evora.

Listen to Carr and what he has to say about Lotus and Evora 400 in the video up above. As always, Leno provides great conversation, too.