The Tesla Model Y debuted as the company's second electric crossover SUV; the 2020 Volkswagen Golf was spied completely uncloaked; Porsche laid out eight goals it hoped to achieve with the 2020 911. It's the Week in Reverse, right here on Motor Authority.

The Tesla Model Y bowed with up to 300 miles of range and a $41,200 starting price. Although it shares plenty with the Model 3 sedan, the Model Y can be fitted with a third row of seats to haul up to seven passengers. The first deliveries should start in fall of 2020.

Evolution is the name of the game for the next-generation 2020 Volkswagen Golf. Prototypes for the new hatchback were spotted totally uncovered, and only die-hard fans will likely notice the exterior design changes. Inside, though, the Golf is going all-digital with screens replacing the traditional gauges. The new Golf should reach showrooms early next year.

The 2020 Porsche 911 development team had eight goals when it set out to engineer and design the latest-generation of the sports car. Dig into the eight specific goals in our feature, but August Achleitner, vice president of the 911 and 718 product lines, said there's always one overarching goal: make the car better than the last one.

The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 will have a top speed of 180 mph. That's slower than the previous GT500 (202 mph) and also slower than the car's main rival, the Camaro ZL1. Still, it should prove more than formidable on the track with 700-plus horsepower on tap and plenty of performance goodies.

Finally, new video showed the carbon-fiber-bodied Dodge Challenger SRT Demon built by Speedkore in action. The Challenger built by the Wisconsin-based shop makes 1,203 hp at the wheels. With its new body panels, the Challenger easily dips into the 8-second range at the dragstrip.