Lamborghini's replacement for the Aventador will arrive in 2020.

That's according to Autocar, which in a report published Thursday also claimed the supercar will feature a hybrid powertrain that Lamborghini will first use in a limited-edition model due in 2019.

The limited-edition model is said to be the code-named LB48H supercar that Lamborghini plans to launch as the next member in its series of “one-off” cars, which includes the previous Centenario and Veneno models. The LB48H is thought to be coming with 838 horsepower, which interestingly works out to be a round 850 hp in the metric figures Lamborghini uses to state power levels.

Autocar's report didn't mention power figures but said the powertrain will combine a naturally aspirated V-12 with a single motor. This differs from a report from Automobile published in September, which claimed the Aventador replacement will come with a V-12 and three electric motors good for 1,200 hp.

Lamborghini's head of R&D, Maurizio Reggiani, told Motor Authority in January that the Aventador's replacement will be electrified in some way and that keeping weight down is the main challenge. Even the lightest solutions are expected to add between 330 and 440 pounds to the curb weight.

Another issue are proposed emissions rules that may require a minimum electric range. Speaking with Autocar, Reggiani explained that the electric range mandates could differ between countries so this will have to be determined. He told the British magazine that several discussions in this area are ongoing.