Watching the always churning crop of pending supercar manufacturers is a form of entertainment in itself. They arrive. They make bold claims. We'll maybe see a running concept if we're lucky. And then they vanish with nary a trace of sales and production models to be found. The latest outfit to provide us with—well, chuckles—is an Italian startup, Zava. Their "car" is called the PrometheuS and it will be controlled through an AI-based "neuronal control system".

Sure it will.

The tagline on the teaser videos asks if you're ready for the e-revolution? Is Zava? Because the performance and overall technology promises being spouted here are substantial.

When we first heard news of Zava back in 2016, the company claimed it was working on a car with 0-60 mph times below two seconds, 1,341 horsepower, a 217-mph top speed, and a 300-mile all-electric driving range.

Zava is now ready to reveal its concept car, albeit in one-fifth scale. Maybe it's really building a large remote-control car and this is actually full-scale? Regardless, the PrometheuS promises to have amazing styling. We're fans of the brilliant red and white LED strips visible in the teaser video posted above. What we're not fans of, are the insane promises being made here.

It seems that the man-machine connection at play here goes deeper than what hydraulic-boost steering and a manual gearbox might afford. The PrometheuS will monitor the driver's physical condition and that will affect how the car operates. You'll be physically and mentally linked to the car. We can only imagine that the Zava R&D team have been re-watching the film Wraith a bit too much.

Zava will reveal its down-scaled PrometheuS concept car at the Real Bodies exhibit, in Milan on October 4, 2018. There you'll find real bodies looking at a truly unreal car.