Lamborghini is working on a new limited-edition supercar along the lines of the Veneno and Centenario, cars that are referred to by the automaker as "one-offs" even though in reality multiple examples are built.

A debut for the new one is expected early next year, most likely at the 2019 Geneva auto show next March, but information on the car has already emerged following two private showings to potential buyers.

A photo of an invite to the first private showing held at Lamborghini's factory was posted online by Instagram user carspecialistphotos back in June, when we also learned that the car is code-named the LB48H and likely powered by a hybrid powertrain.

A second showing recently took place in New York City, and a person claiming to have been in attendance has posted information to the McLaren Life forum. Specifically, the person said the car will come a naturally aspirated V-12 delivering 789 horsepower and an electric drive system adding on 49 hp. The total of 838 hp works out to be a round 850 hp in the metric figures Lamborghini uses to state power levels.

Other alleged details include a build run of 63 cars, the number representing Lamborghini's founding in 1963, as well as a price tag of $2.5 million. It's also thought that Lamborghini's Terzo Millennio concept car unveiled in 2017 hints at the design.

Perhaps most interesting is Lamborghini's penchant of using its limited-edition models to introduce new styling elements and technology. The Centenario unleashed in 2016, for example, introduced rear-wheel steering to the Aventador SV and some styling elements to the latest Aventador SVJ, such as the rear diffuser. And with Lamborghini confirming the SVJ is its final car to feature a non-hybrid V-12 engine, it makes sense that the LB48H comes with a hybrid powertrain whose technology eventually makes its way into the Aventador replacement. Stay tuned.