Kahn Design isn't the only company churning out high-performance versions of the iconic Land Rover Defender. Here in the United States you have East Coast Defender with some impressive offerings, and even Land Rover has dabbled in the segment.

Soon, British off-road racing expert Bowler will join the fray. The company has released the first image of a V-8-powered Defender it plans to unveil in October.

Bowler's Defender will be very different to what rivals are offering, including Land Rover. That's because Bowler's Defender will be built upon Bowler's own modular platform the company calls the Cross Sector Platform (CSP).

The patented chassis design provides for common electrical architecture, powertrains and drivetrains to be applied, and can accomodate a 6x6 configuration. Vehicles based on the platform typically use off-the-shelf items to ensure spares and service items are readily available from established OEMs and their dealer networks across the globe.

Bowler has built up an impressive array of vehicles based on its CSP design, for both road and race (usually rally raid) applications. And soon it will have V-8-powered Defenders to strengthen its image. We can't wait.