Pirelii Design has the perfect item for those that fall in the middle of a Venn diagram comprised of motorsport fans and audiophiles. It's a new Bluetooth speaker created through a partnership with Italian audio company IXOOST, and the design is modeled after the tires used on Formula 1 race cars. This is the Pirelli P Zero Sound, and it will look pretty darn cool on a shelf in your home or garage.

You have nine different colors from which to choose, and each represents its real-life tire compound counterpart. Just like the F1 teams, you can choose between Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, Purple, Ice Blue, White, Blue, or Green. That translates to Soft, Hypersoft, Superhard, Supersoft, Ultrasoft, Hard, Medium, Wet, and Intermediate, respectively. Personally, we'd opt for something with a tread pattern because it looks more interesting, but a slick tire is also hard to argue against.

The real meat with the 1:2 scale tire speaker lies with its audio design. On the outside, you'll see the Pirelli branding and the face of the speaker is a 6.5-inch aluminum replica of the F1 wheels. Behind that lies a 1.0-inch silk tweeter and a 4.0-inch mid-range speaker. A 100-watt digital signal processor is part of the onboard amplifier, and the speaker pairs to your phone effortlessly through Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

2018 Mercedes-AMG W09 EQ Power+ Formula 1 race car

2018 Mercedes-AMG W09 EQ Power+ Formula 1 race car

Pirelli is dropping off the scale speakers for F1 teams to use in their garages. It means fans will get an eyeful and earful of the colorful noise makers during the next Grand Prix event, and throughout the rest of the season.

Do you want one of your own? It's not cheap. The price is around $2,800 before taxes and shipping. While a lot of coin to ask for a speaker, it's a bit less than the $3,100 asking price posted by Porsche for its 911 GT3 exhaust speaker

So if you're a massive F1 fan and you have an empty space on your shelf, perhaps this tire speaker can be your next big purchase.