McLaren's Super Series tops the lineup with the fantastic and 720S. That car's performance envelope has expanded, which leaves room for the lesser but still potent Sports Series to become more powerful and faster around a track. The British automaker recently unveiled a hardcore version of the 570S dubbed the 600LT, but more anger can be found as McLaren is already considering a 570S GT4-based version of the 600LT.

In a Motoring report from last Friday, McLaren chief engineer Paul Burnham said he is raising his voice to make an even crazier Sport Series model come to life.

"It’s amazing how useable the 600LT is on the road. Sure, it’s a little louder but it still rides well, which got us thinking we should make an even faster version. We want it to happen and I’m lobbying hard for it," Burnham said. Burham also told Motoring the inspiration for the car is 570S GT4 customer race car, though without the FIA-mandated restrictor that limits power.

The GT4 is a track-only version of the road-going 570S. It sheds weight, lacks interior niceties, and improves aerodynamics with extra body bits. The big wing is adjustable, and it has large hood air intakes as well as a flat floor. Underneath, it features adjustable dampers and coilover springs that could be adapted for road use. McLaren also produces a pseudo homologation special of the 570S GT4. The company offers just 10 road-going MSO versions of the 570S with all of the awesome aero pieces found on the GT4.

Now McLaren could be looking to duplicate that formula on the 600LT, though this one would be for the road. As it sits, the 600LT benefits from massive weight savings that bring its dry weight figure down to just 2,749 pounds. Horsepower is already increased from to original 562 ponies to 592 angry British stallions, so the lighter 600LT makes greater use of its 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-8.

The 600LT is certainly an already vicious machine, but lighter version with GT4 aero would be focused on decimating corners and devouring apexes.

We have to assume that McLaren has a performance limit in mind for the Sports Series cars. While the 720S is a world-class supercar, continually cranking up the performance of the cars below it would soon make them rival its capability.

Not that we're complaining. A 600LT GT4 or 600LT Sprint would be a welcome addition to an already amazing lineup, and McLaren would sell every single one.