The car buying public on this planet has spoken. From on high, the decree is that crossovers and SUVs shall rule the land. That's a shame because we're still pining for wagons. A few still exist, but it's rare to find high-performance variants roaming Stateside streets. BMW Blog found one enterprising chap in the Netherlands who has taken it upon himself to right a correctly perceived wrong that is the lack of a modern BMW M3 longroof. We're thrilled to share with you his glorious creation that is an F81-generation (2014-present) BMW M3 Touring.

This blue Bimmer belongs to Instagram user 63 NP, whose bio says his name is Nick P. The car started life as a bog-standard 320d. That would be a diesel-powered grocery getter, but now it's been given an entirely new life. The owner swapped in the mighty BMW S55 engine, which is a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 that typically produces 424-493 horsepower and 406-444 pound-feet of torque. He ordered Eventuri intakes and a Stage 2 turbo upgrade, and remapped the engine tune. Now this wagon has a thunderous mill cranking out a reported 530 horsepower. All of that extra oomph sings a nasty note through an M Performance exhaust.

The sinister wagon boasts quite a bit more style over the standard 3-Series wagon as well. An M3 GTS donated its hood and steering wheel. The gauges are proper M3 units, while under the rear lurks an Active M differential. The suspension comes from KW, and the car is outfitted with all of the parts from an M3 Competition package. This is a properly sorted build and it's the kind of car that BMW should bolt together.

The owner also built an E91 (2007-2013) M3 Touring, but that car was lost in an accident. This new creation is an excellent way of paying homage to that older build while forging forth with the latest and greatest. Clearly the owner has a thing for brilliant machines because one of his other cars is a truly stunning Ford RS Cosworth.

You should probably be following this Dutchman on Instagram by this point.