Paramount Pictures on Tuesday released the first trailer for the new Transformers spinoff movie “Bumblebee.”

Heading to cinemas this Christmas, the movie, as its name suggests, focuses on the Autobot character Bumblebee. It's set in the year 1987 and gives some backstory on what Bumblebee was up to prior to meeting Sam Witwicky in the first of the Transformers live-action movies.

This time around, Bumblebee's vehicle mode is an original Volkswagen Beetle, just like in the cartoons. His voice is still missing and he sports a number of scars from some unseen battle.

In the trailer, he is discovered by teenager Charlie, played by Hailee Steinfeld, who he forms a bond with. We also see some military types, one of them played by John Cena, as well as what looks to be the Decepticon Starscream, who also looks like the Starscream fans know from the original cartoons.

The good news is that Michael Bay is no longer in the director's seat. The role has been passed on to Travis Knight, who looks to have injected a darker, more emotional tone than the explosion-overloaded Bay movies. The details of the actual Transformer robots and their movement are also much more impressive than what we've seen before, which bodes well for the fight scenes.

We can't wait to see more.