With the right set of tires, nearly any vehicle is prepared for winter driving. A perfect example of this is the 700-horsepower Porsche 911 GT2 RS. When wearing winter tires, the car is capable of finding traction where you'd expect none to exist. Porsche highlights this fact by placing a GT2 RS in the snow-covered land of St. Moritz, Switzerland, and letting it loose...with a skier in tow in the video above.

It's not just the modern Porsche that is ready for snow driving. A Porsche 911 S/T rally car from the early 1970s is also on hand and its driver is also eager for winter wonderland shenanigans. Behind each car is a skier connected by a rope and a tow hook. It's a Scandanavian winter sport called Skijöring, which is Norwegian for ski driving.

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The two cars and their skiers perform an ice ballet set to music. Watch to see the smooth, snowy drifts and the glorious songs generated by the tandem voices of flat-6 engines separated by decades and hundreds of horsepower.

A car isn't necessary for Skijöring. The skier can also be pulled by a dog or a horse or any other animal you can coax into it. We prefer the variety that involves an automobile.

We're especially happy to see that one of the cars is the glorious and massively powerful 911 GT2 RS and the other is a vintage 911 S/T rally car. Both are race-ready 911 variants. And now they happen to share the bond of Skijöring.