Maybe the executives at Porsche need to schedule a meeting so they can all get their stories straight. Recently, we reported that the German automaker was moving up its timetable to axe the diesel engine from its lineup. Their original plan seemed to have the oil burner powerplants running through the decade. Then came word that Porsche decided to remove diesels a bit early. Now, Porsche is saying that you'll still be able to purchase a diesel version of the next-generation Cayenne after all.

According to Automotive News Europe, Porsche's sales boss Detlev von Platen has stated that future product planning involves a diesel engine for the new Cayenne and there may be a Macan diesel as well. Range and torque are important sales figures for those buying the sport utility Porsches, so a diesel engine currently fills those requirements rather well.

In the same breath, it seems that von Platen also doesn't care much for the diesel engine sitting amongst Porsche fenders. He states that "it was never extremely relevant" and cites a global sales figure accounting for just 14% of total sales. Additionally, we're all well aware that Porsche is moving towards more electrification in its lineup.

As more European cities reexamine their relationship with diesel vehicles—courts ruled Tuesday that individual Germany cities could legally ban older, dirtier diesels to cut air pollution—Porsche is wise to continue its push into the electric fray.

Still, it's odd to hear the continuous and conflicting reports about whether and how the automaker plans to phase diesel from its lineup. Do it or don't do it, but make up your mind. Our take: The world will be just fine without diesel engines in any Porsche products.

Though a diesel Panamera wagon would still be pretty sweet ....