Historic American car brand Detroit Electric, now based in the United Kingdom and backed by Chinese funds, has outlined plans for three new cars.

Impressively, the electric car startup is promising to introduce the three cars over the next three years. They include a sports car, sedan and SUV.

A teaser sketch hinting at the profile design of the three cars was released by Detroit Electric on Wednesday at the 2017 Low Carbon Vehicle Event in Bedford, U.K.

Detroit Electric’s original plan was one that mimicked Tesla’s start. The company developed an electric sports car based on a donor Lotus chassis and started building the first examples in late 2015. Profits from the sale of the sports car were to be used to develop future models.

Detroit Electric SP:01 assembly

Detroit Electric SP:01 assembly

Instead, Detroit Electric will tap into a $1.8 billion capital injection from a joint venture formed with China's Far East Smarter Energy Group earlier this year to accelerate its product plans.

The three new cars are in the early stages of development. Detroit Electric is looking to recruit up to 200 engineers by next spring to accelerate development. The company will also expand its current headquarters in Leamington Spa with a new R&D facility. This will work alongside an existing engineering hub in China.

Production will take place in both the U.K and China, with higher volume models like the sedan and SUV likely being sourced from the latter. Detroit Electric is hoping to sell its cars worldwide.

It’s too early to talk specs but Detroit Electric is looking to offer a driving range of between 300 and 500 miles on a single charge, depending on the vehicle. Note, this is likely on the more lenient European cycle so should be lower if rated by the EPA.