You've never heard of Alcraft Motor Company. That's because this is the start-up's very first attempt at building a car. Foremost, may we say it looks lovely. It's called the Alcraft GT, and it's attempting to bring sex appeal to the electric car.

At the helm of the project is David Alcraft, the head of a successful pharmacy company and a lifelong car enthusiast. He decided to group a few automotive executives together and build the stunning Alcraft GT. Notably, Charles Morgan is on board, the man responsible for the Morgan Aeromax. Aside from its stunning sheet metal, the shooting brake will supposedly boast specifications on par with a Tesla Model S.

The drivetrain was developed by Delta Motorsport, which holds close ties to Ariel and its upcoming hypercar project. Three electric motors will combine for 600 horsepower and 840 pound-feet of torque, while the electric range is estimated to be 300 miles. On the performance front, Alcraft says it will reach 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Did we mention it looks really good?

A little Aston Martin styling and maybe a hint of Lucid create a somewhat familiar design, but one that is still quite eye pleasing.

It sounds great, but the Alcraft GT is far from a reality. The British company has now launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the GT to production by the end of 2019. If and when it goes on sale, the company expects a $185,000 pricetag to come with it. Here's hoping this shooting brake can add style to the electric car game.