BMW vehicles produced between 1962 and 1977 are referred to as the New Class. Well, Neue Klasse if you want to get all German about it.

These cars were the ones that helped BMW rise up from the depths of massive financial challenges and usher its vehicles onto a viable global stage. There were lovely sedans being produced, but those four-doors helped spawn shorter length cars known as the 02 Series.

You no doubt know of the BMW 2002

. It's a beautiful piece of BMW's motoring history. Before it arrived, however, the 1600 came to be and brought with it serious style courtesy of Wilhelm Hofmeister. This entry-level BMW was powered by an inline-4 that rose from just under 1.6 liters up through nearly 2.0 liters in displacement over the course of its lifetime with the 02 Series cars.

BMW lover Lisa Hong has driven her gorgeous 1967 BMW 1600 into Jay Leno's Garage for the Denim Prince to give it a look and take it for a drive. Lisa also owns a stunning BMW 2002 that's been expertly modified into a road and track machine. She also owns or has owned an E30 and E36 M3, other 2002 examples, and an E9.

To say she is fond of the brand is an understatement. Her love for all-things roundel-related shine through clearly, and her Derby-colored 1600 gets Leno equally as excited.