Piece by piece, Honda's oft-rumored secondary sports car is coming into focus. What has been referred to as the Honda S2000 successor, or more colloquially as the "baby NSX," has seen two patent filings detailing the exterior and interior design. If the latest patent sheds any additional light, the sports car may also have a targa top.

Honda moved to patent a targa top design with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, though the patent images seem to depict a Honda S660 kei car. Here's where it gets interesting. Obviously, Honda has no plans to bring the little S660 roadster to the United States, so this targa top design has been protected for something else entirely—like a proper S2000 successor.

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The patent describes the targa top as a "balance between an open feel of a Targa top vehicle and convenience of simply opening and closing an opening of a roof" with a canvas panel and metal frame. The top could be operated by a motor or manually, per the patent description. It also would negate the need for roof storage if the driver were to detach it completely.

How about some more evidence this will be applied to a baby NSX? Honda goes on to say, "In a case in which it is desired that the vehicle dynamic performance is exhibited to the maximum such as when driving on a circuit, the entire roof unit can be detached, thus lightening the vehicle body weight."

It may be an S2000 in spirit, but previous reports indicate this new mid-engine roadster could occupy a much higher price segment, perhaps around $70,000. The car would likely have the credentials to warrant such a figure. As an example, the 2.0-liter inline-4 engine from the Civic Type-R with supplemental electric power has been floated as a powertrain possibility.