If you worked hard, made lots of money, and found yourself in a position to acquire lots of cars, what would you hunt down?The Aston Martin Lagonda probably doesn't come to mind—unless you're Briton Roger Duddling. Of the more than 350 cars he has amassed, we're perhaps most impressed that he has managed to track down 24 Lagondas.

The Williams Towns cars have clearly taken ahold Mr. Dudding's heart (and wallet). He made his money by designing a new way to handle ticketing and queue management, which is such a British thing to invent that we're currently on the hunt for tea to drink while musing about this very idea. He then made far more money when he wisely acquired lots of land and parking garages.

While collecting all of that money, Dudding was keen to spend it, too. He began purchasing all sorts of automobiles and somehow those 24 Lagonda sedans found their way into his collection. They're all housed at a facility called Studio 434. Here you can see the cars, which serve as museum pieces, props for movies, and rentals, while the facility itself can be used for photo shoots or even weddings.

The collection has vehicles dating back to 1911 up through modern machines. It's diverse—yet focused in that it's primarily British cars yet it's a lot of different ones. There are other exotics and luxury machines, but most of them were built under the Union Jack sky.


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