Gordon Murray has been more than a landmark figure in the automotive industry: at times, he has simply defined how supercars are engineered and designed. Now, his career to date will come to a crescendo at the Gordon Murray design exhibition.

The exhibit will take place on November 3, 2017, at Gordon Murray Design's brand-new facility Surrey, England. The event will celebrate more than one milestone, however.

It will mark no less than 50 years of the legendary designer's career, 25 years since his the McLaren F1 entered production, 10 years of Gordon Murray Design, and the 10th anniversary of Murray's innovative iStream manufacturing technology.

It wouldn't be a proper exhibit without some of Murray's work, and organizers intend to deliver on that score. Numerous vehicles will be on display at the invitation-only event, including the 1967 IGM Ford Special, 1983 Brabham BMW BT52 World Championship Car, 1995 McLaren F1 GTR LeMans winner, 1996 McLaren F1 LM, and the 2013 Yamaha City Car. Even more cars will be in attendance than have been disclosed so far: stay tuned.

Although most of the exhibition will cover Murray's past, there's a special announcement planned for the future, too, which involves an "all-new, groundbreaking vehicle." Murray's most recent involvement is TVR's upcoming, reborn sports car. We know that car, which may revive the Griffith name, is to utilize an iStream carbon-fiber chassis. With Murray's innovative chassis technology and manufacturing process, it will allegedly weigh as little as 2,645 pounds.

The general public won't be entirely banned from enjoying the amazing vehicles on display. The exhibition will provide an online virtual tour, which will detail each of the cars extensively and explain their historical context in Murray's career. The online tour can be found at Gordon Murray Design's official website; it will go online shortly after the event concludes.