Lego bricks allow folks to craft plastic, blocky versions of whatever exists in their heads. For some, this means following a given set of instructions to build a complete pre-packaged kit. For others, however, a bunch of Legos is a pathway to wondrous creativity. We've seen a concept hover bike, a detailed Jeep Wrangler, and more. Now, though, we have a working 6-speed manual gearbox for your consideration.

Using parts from an unnamed Lego Technic kit, a crafty 17-year-old builder from Sweden has created a basic 6-speed manual gearbox complete with input and output shafts. When an electric motor is connected to the input shaft, the gears come to life. The builder shifts the transmission up through all the forward gears to show the effects of the various ratios.

Most fascinating is the fact that this gearbox is fully synchronized. The shift lever seems to slot into place cleanly as it travels up through the gears. Basically, this transmission shifts smoother than those you'd find in most classic cars.

The builder has a link below the video in the description which leads to his/her website. There you'll find a full set of instructions and parts required if you want to replicate this transmission for yourself.

So now you have the knowledge needed to do a gearbox swap on your dream Lego ride.


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