Jon Olsson never sleeps. That's not true, but every time he surfaces with a new video, something pretty insane is going on in his life. Olsson is an avid skier, and he's also quite the automotive enthusiast.

His latest project combines his love for cars and his adventurer lifestyle. It's a Rolls-Royce Wraith that makes 810 horsepower at the rear wheels. "Spirit of Ecstasy?" Olsson thinks it should be more like "Spirit of bonkers speed." Under the hood sits a twin-turbo V-8 engine that has seen plenty of work from Absolute Motors, which calls the Netherlands home. 

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The entire car is pretty much reimagined by Olsson. It sports a unique wrap, 24-inch Forgiato wheels, custom tires, a roof rack (with room for a surfboard and gasoline canisters), and powerful extra lights to keep moose and other creatures out of harm's way at night. Olsson actually drives the car quite a bit and recently completed a trip of more than 1,300 miles.

Of course, Olsson fires up the Roller and gives it a few revs, too. Trust us. It sounds like no Rolls-Royce you've ever heard. And he doesn't leave us before ripping a massive burnout in the luxury car turned sports car. It's the antithesis of what Rolls-Royce represents, but dreamers are going to keep dreaming. Have a look at the car and get a walk-around tour with Olsson in the video above.