Jon Olsson lives one hell of a life. The man is an amazing skier who is also quite passionate about all things automotive. He has the means to produce his own vision for a variety of cars, which means everything from camo-wrapped Lamborghinis to one absolutely wicked Audi RS 6 Avant.

It also means he was able to create a street-legal prototype-esque machine that started life as an Ultima GTR... and it became so much more. That car is the Rebellion R2K, and now it's for sale.

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Starting with the Ultima chassis, Olsson and his team turned this car into a prototype race car for the road. It features loads of carbon fiber, a set of excellent ADV.1 wheels, and the standard Olsson dramatic flair for camo-based livery. More importantly, however, it boasts an engine and transmission plucked from a Lamborghini Gallardo. This means we have potent power paired with low weight and high style. That's a glorious combination.

Olsson has posted the car up for sale on Jameslist, which is basically One Percenter Craigslist. The Rebellion R2K has been driven for over 18,000 miles and has an asking price of just over $260,000. It's currently located in Marbella, Spain. Wherever it's located in the future, we can only hope that it's next owner drives it just as hard as Olsson has because that's what this car is all about.


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