If you're in the market for a Toyota Camry and have around $30,000 to spend, you have two choices. A brand new Camry XLE with a few options... or this 2008 Toyota Camry NASCAR race car with its 700-horsepower V-8.

We know which one we'd choose. 

Auctions America will sell off the Camry NASCAR race car, which is one of the first stock car implementations of the "Car of Tomorrow" body style. The body style came with major safety improvements at the expense of some potential flaws. Specifically, the rear wing has since been deleted from the latest generation of the body style in the NASCAR Cup series. Critics argued it caused on-track crashes to worsen, sending racers airborne. The design has since been deemed illegal for competition, making it a rarity.

Finished in a Red Bull racing livery, the car was run at the Red Bull Racing Team's inaugural Cup series in 2007. Although it never reached the NASCAR podium, Red Bull Racing placed 14th at Sonoma and 18th at Watkins Glen with this exact car. In all, the car has a successful history, but it has kept busy following its retirement from NASCAR itself.

The Toyota was originally purchased from the Red Bull Racing Team itself with the TRD (Toyota Racing Development) engine and road course top-loader, 4-speed manual transmission and axle gears, Alcon brakes, and full containment seat present and accounted for. Since then, the car has been restored and has competed in various vintage racing events. But now it seeks a new owner.

The estimated sale price for the 2008 Toyota NASCAR race car is between $30,000 and $35,000. That's not a lot of money for a heck of a lot of car. Someone will go home with it on May 13.