The Mongol Rally is a grueling vehicular trek that takes its participants from the United Kingdom all the way to Mongolia. It's a 10,000-mile journey that runs through multiple countries, harsh road conditions, and lasts for three to four weeks. You need a tough vehicle to make it all the way. One team is going to take on the rally in a rather unlikely car. Plug In Adventures has prepped a Nissan Leaf for the Mongol rally.

Yes, we agree that an electric vehicle seems like a rather odd choice here. That's part of what excites the Plug In Adventures crew, though. Still, this should be a grueling test even with all of the modifications their Leaf has received.

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It's now called the AT-EV, which stands for All Terrain Electric Vehicle. At each corner you have Maxsport RB3 tires wrapped around Speedline SL2 Marmora wheels. The underside of the body has braided brake lines and skid plates for protection while the roof wears a rack to increase storage abilities. Additionally, that roof rack has a powerful Lazer Triple-R 16 LED light bar mounted to it for increased visibility when the sun dips below the horizon.

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To help with range, the team have stripped about 70 pounds of weight from the Leaf. That's mostly just from the rear seats and belts being removed. Not that much help, really.

The car is based on the Leaf Acenta, which has a 30 kwh battery and a range of 155 miles. That means lots of stops for charging. The plan is to log all of the uncharted charging stations along the way, which seems like a difficult task...considering they're uncharted. Regardless, that will surely help future EV drivers find their way in remote areas of the world. Also, this isn't a timed rally so the Leaf team won't be racing for first-place glory. The goal instead is to educate more people on the benefits of all-electric vehicles.

If this Leaf makes it all the way to the finish line, that will count as a win in our book.


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