Customers mulling over the purchase of one of Tesla's performance-oriented 100D and P100D models best act quickly.

The automaker has confirmed it will be increasing prices for the Model S and Model X range-toppers.

The price shuffling follows Tesla decision to decrease the price for its base Model S 75 sedan, which now costs just $69,500. It follows Tesla's elimination of the 60 versions of the models in the past year. The price changes for the 100D and P100D models are as follows:

  • Model S 100D: $97,500, a $2,500 increase
  • Model S P100D: $140,000, a $5,500 increase
  • Model X 100D: $99,500, a $1,000 increase
  • Model X P100D: $145,000, a $9,500 increase

The most notable change with the reconfigured prices is the fact only one rear-wheel-drive Model S will soldier on for the time being, that being the base 75 itself. The "D" attached to the 75D, 90D, and 100D denotes a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system, which is optional on the base sedan.

All Tesla 100D models will now also be the only vehicles equipped with the High Amperage Charger, rated at 72 amps. The glass roof and power liftgate are now standard on all Model S sedans, however.

2017 Tesla Model X

2017 Tesla Model X

As for the Model X, slight changes such as new 20-inch Sonic Carbon wheels and an available second-row center console for 6-seater vehicles round out various model changes. The blistering performance found in the Model S and Model X P100D variants does not change with the aforementioned price increases, thankfully.

Why the constant reshuffling of the lineup? Tesla told Green Car Reports that the company "periodically adjusted pricing and available options to best reflect the value of our products and our customers’ preferences."

Tesla also states its priority will be to focus on ushering the more-affordable Model 3 sedan into production, which is expected to arrive as early as this July.