In stock form, the Toyota 86 is a fun machine.

Sure there are a number of folks who cry out that the sporty coupe needs more power, but it's pretty darn enjoyable as it comes from the factory. Still, we do agree that more power wouldn't be a bad thing here. This is a chassis that's itching for some more go. Some wonderfully mad person feels the same way and they decided to do something about it.

What you're looking at is the product of KK Performance. Based in the United Arab Emirates, this shop has taken an 86 and somehow managed to shoehorn a 5.0-liter V-12 between the front fenders. Not only that, but the shop decided to take this four steps further by adding a quartet of turbochargers. You're already starting to forget about that equally insane Ferrari-powered 86 right now, aren't you?

We don't blame you because this build by KK Performance is quite impressive. That V-12 engine was taken from a Toyota Century, and we expect it to live a far more entertaining life in the 86. Now we just need to see some driving footage. There's just startup and revving for now, but you can see that the engine does appear to be turning air and fuel into power and noise.

If KK Performance gets everything tuned properly and running correctly, there's no doubt that this 86 will prove to be an absolute behemoth of a compact coupe.


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