Alphanumeric naming schemes for automobiles are nothing new.

We don't love them but we understand why an automaker resorts to such naming conventions. It sets out a strategy for future model "names," and it also usually gives the customer a hint at what's in store for a given vehicle. So what does FF 91 mean to hopeful automaker Faraday Future?

Motor1 figured it out after speaking with Faraday's R&D boss Nick Sampson. It's pretty easy to understand the first part. Those two letters simply reference the company's name. That seems a bit redundant to us, but it's their car and they can call it what ever they want. Heck, Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] has a car called LaFerrari.

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It's the second bit of the name that reveals quite a bit more. The number 91 is part of a two-digit scheme that Faraday will use to denote its various model offerings. The first number tells you the size of the vehicle, as well as its potential price tag, i.e. the positioning in the lineup. On the 91, that number shows you're dealing with the largest vehicle and also one of the most expensive.

Turn your attention to the second number and you'll figure out which version of the car is parked before you. This is the first iteration so it gets the number one. The next-generation model would be called the 92 and future smaller models would get numbers like 71, 51, and on down the line. Faraday is reserving Zero for halo models and other special models. Recall, the company's original concept was called the FFZero1.